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Installed Merchandise:

Woodville™ Cabinetry is not responsible for product defects or damages, property damage, or lost labor costs due to faulty installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to validate the credentials, references, insurance, and certification before any work begins. Claims for damage or shortages must be made upon receipt of the product(s). Thoroughly inspect all products before installation as use will constitute acceptance. Installed cabinets, accessories, and components are considered the property of the owner/installer and cannot be exchanged or returned for any reason.

Cleaning & Care

Dust cabinets frequently with a soft lint-free cloth. You can dampen the cloth slightly with water or a spray-type dust remover. Clean spills immediately. Wipe out water spots immediately to avoid damage over time. Use a clean cloth and mild soap if necessary. Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth. There are a number of products available for your wood cleaning needs. We recommend that you wash and polish cabinets once or twice each year. Use a light coat of quality furniture polish.

NEVER use detergents, soap pads, or steel wool on your cabinetry. These harsh abrasives will mar the wood finish. Additionally, we recommend that you avoid the use of paste wax and polishes that contain silicone; the wax build up is difficult to remove and will leave a residue that attracts dust. Avoid draping damp cloths or towels over cabinet doors. Moisture can cause permanent damage such as peeling and discoloration to the cabinet’s finish.

Everyday Care

Be sure to wipe up spills and any standing water (such as condensation from a glass or bowl) as they occur. Pay special attention to the areas around the sink, dishwasher, range and baseboard. Use a blotting action rather than a wiping action.